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GE Pulse Oximeter

The ge pulse oximeter is a technology that is being used today to monitor the health of patients. It has a range of 10 inches so that patients can survive diedels. The oximeter also has a time-of-use rate of 100 minutes so that patients can stay in touch with their readings. Additionally, the oximeter has a digital readout and a window that lets patients see how their body weight is doing.

Deals for GE Pulse Oximeter

The ge pulse oximeter is a 10 pin warranty-ready oximeter that uses a finger sensor to track user heart rate and breathing. It is perfect for use in health care professionals or students that need accurate track of their heart rate and breathing. The oximeter can also be used for chilling and health monitoring purposes.
the ge pulse oximeter is a convenient way to check for heart health. With its color yellow, it is perfect for spot-checks or other critical areas. The hand-held oximeter is easy to use and keeps you safe from potentially harmful gasps. The oximeter can be set to monitor up to 3 water levels at once, and it has a front light and back light to help with identification. The oximeter can be bought from us today!